Students must turn 15 years old prior to completing our course.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs page. If you just can’t seem to find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us via Email or phone.

Step 1 - Apply With the Traffic Safety Center

Obtain the Traffic Safety Division application for permission to enroll in a driver education correspondence school by clicking here.  

- Homeschoolers:
Along with the Traffic Safety Division Application, you are required to submit a letter stating that you home school your son/daughter in all subjects. Include verification that you have notified the Public Education Department (PED) of your intent to home school this student. You can provide the Traffic Safety Center with your confirmation number if you sent your Notification of Establishment electronically.

Send all the above information to the address listed on the TSC Correspondence Course Application. Upon approval, the TSC will contact both the applicant and Cordura via email.

- Non-Homeschoolers:
Sign, date and send the TSC Correspondence Course Application to the address listed on the application.  Upon approval, the TSC will contact both the applicant and Cordura via email.

Step 2 - Send Your Cordura Info & Check

Once you receive approval from the Traffic Safety Center, you can take one of two steps listed below.

1. Email the Cordura Enrollment Form along with the Parent/Student Agreement Form to and click the Buy Now button shown below to submit payment of $150 (Please note that there will be credit card transaction fee added on to all electronic payments)

2. Mail a hard copy of the Cordura Enrollment Form along with the Parent/Student Agreement Form and a Check of $150 to the address listed below.

Cordura Correspondence Driving Course
PO Box 640, Los Lunas, NM 87031

Download Cordura Enrollment Information form here.

Again, the packet you mail to us should include:

  • Parent/Student Agreement Form
  • Cordura Enrollment Form
  • Payment

Step 3- The Course Packet

Once all your information and payment has been received, Cordura will mail you everything you need to complete the course and obtain a driver’s license.
We will send you:

  • An instructional sheet
  • Textbook (must be returned at course completion)
  • Answer Sheets
  • Course Syllabus
  • Instructional Permit Form will be mailed once the student has completed answer sheet #1 with a score of 70% or better and the required essay
  • A copy of the Graduated Driver’s License Law which includes a log for recording driving time
  • Parent-Teen Agreement and the latest facts and statistics on teen drivers

Step 4 - Student May Begin Course

At this time, the student may begin the course. The course is designed to be completed in a two month period.

Step 5 - Instructional Permit

As per NMAC Rules and Regulations set out in, Pre-driving classroom instruction:  Before a licensee schedules
students for on-street training, the licensee shall provide a minimum of nine (9) hours of classroom instruction on:
  •      approaching the vehicle with awareness
  •      orientation to controls
  •      basic rules of the road
  •      use of vision to control the vehicle
  •      proper use of steering wheel, accelerator and brakes
  •      turning left and right
  •      signs, signals and road markings

Once the student has completed the first answer sheet with 70% or better, and we have mailed the Instructional Permit Form, then the applicant may go to the MVD to get an Instructional Permit.  The permit must be held for six months, and during these six months, the student must log fifty hours of driving, ten of which must be at night.  Parents provide the behind-the-wheel training.

Step 6 - Complete Course

Once Cordura receives the completed answer sheets and textbook, the certificate of completion is mailed to the student.

Students who fail the course must re-do the parts of the test that they failed.  The final exam must be passed with a 70% or better.

Step 7 - Provisional License

To obtain a provisional license, the student must submit the following to the MVD:
  • The certificate of completion (from Cordura)
  • The completed driving log (from you)

At this time, the student will take a behind-the-wheel road test at the MVD.  The provisional license is held for one year.  An applicant gets a regular license after that.

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